About Us


Our Vision

We have a vision to be followers of Jesus who are intentionally inclusive of others, regardless of their background or beliefs, and who will invite others to participate in our community of faith where we 'do life together' under the direction and authority of God's Word.  Together as a community, we will learn, pray, study God's word, eat, play and serve others.  We will celebrate and worship God's goodness with authenticity and relevancy.  We will be a church that engages and serves our larger community in tangible ways, demonstrating God's love and the hope of the gospel through our actions and words.  


Our Values

1. A personal relationship with God.  We think God is not only believed in with the head, but experienced from the heart.  We value experiencing Him through His word, His Spirit, prayer, worship and life together. 

2. Relationships with people.  People are made for relationships with each other that are built on trust, honesty, love and forgiveness.  We value a relational community, where people can connect with God and one another. 

3. Authenticity.  We value being transparent, honest, real and practical, and walking in the integrity of Christ.

4. Serving Christ.  We serve the Risen Lord by serving others in real and practical ways, allowing Him to touch and transform lives through us.

5. Relevance.  We value bringing Biblical truth to people in ways that are relevant to the culture we live in.


Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are consistent with the major doctrines of orthodox Christianity.  We believe in the relevance and authority of the Bible as God's Word, the doctrine of the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the need of all people for a Saviour, and the death, resurrection, and future return of Christ.  Beyond the essentials of salvation, we affirm what one early church father once said: "In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, liberty.  In all things, love."